April 2017

Drt show shanghai, China

Shanghai is consider the most suitable business trading HUB in Asia Pacific, with friendly and high educated residents, large populations of ocean sport lovers, high quality of financial service and distributor.
The DRT Show is considered to be the largest gathering for diving enthusiasts, marine conservationists and anyone with a passion for the underwater world. The DRT Show has been met with an overwhelming response as an important regional event. We truly promote diving brands and we are supported by […]

March 2017

Liveaboard Scuba Diving, What You Need To Know

Taking a Liveaboard scuba diving trip is the dream vacation for many divers. It represents a 100% focus on your diving and allows you to share that focus with a number of other divers. Deciding to take a liveaboard dive vacation is a major decision for many divers. Liveaboards were mentioned in the Dive Vacation Planning article of the beginner’s guide as a potential dive vacation. While that article broached the topic there is a greater “depth” to the […]

Top 5 Dive Sites In Egypt

If you want an amazing diving trip, full of adventure and underwater excitement, then Egypt is the place to go. The Red Sea gets its name from the periodic algae blooms that occur seasonally, painting the sea with a reddish hue. It is a divers paradise, not only because of the incredible marine life, but also because of its crystal clear waters and excellent visibility.
The Red Sea is not only classed as one of the Seven Wonders of the […]